Echo of Deco
B r i t i s h   A r t   P o t t e r y
H a n d m a d e

Welcome to our studio.  Echo of Deco ceramics are designed, individually handmade and hand decorated by ourselves at our studio pottery in the UK. From initial idea through to finished design a piece normally takes several weeks to complete and careful attention to detail is essential at every stage of production.  We are proud to say that Echo of Deco is well known to collectors from all around the world, who value our craftsmanship and distinct approach to carefully making each piece by hand.  For your interest we have taken a series of photographs from inside our workshop showing some of the key stages of how Echo of Deco pottery is traditionally handmade.

C l a y   S c u l p t i n g

This picture shows the careful sculpting of an Echo of Deco clay master, all our designs are initially hand crafted using this traditional method of modelling. When the clay master has been successfully completed a cast is then taken by pouring liquid potters plaster over the design. Once the plaster cast has fully hardened and completely dried out it will then be used as an Echo of Deco working mould.

S l i p   C a s t i n g

This picture shows the slip casting stage of production.  It takes time to produce a quality casting and careful observation of the mould has to be maintained continuously. Slip casting is only the first of many technical and demanding stages involved in creating a successful piece of Echo of Deco Art Pottery.

C l e a n i n g

Once the cast has been carefully removed from the mould it is left to harden, but not to dry out completely. At this stage the piece is now ready for sponging; this removes unwanted casting marks and creates a quality surface for decorating.

H a n d    D e c o r a t i n g

After the piece has been slowly dried out we come to the decorating stage. Hand decorating requires a high level of skill and concentration as each colour must be applied in a specific way.

B i s c u i t    F i r i n g

When the pottery has completely dried out it is ready for its first kiln firing. This is known as a biscuit firing which permanently hardens the pottery to a state suitable to receive a coating of glaze.

G l a z i n g

Glazing is one of the most important stages of pottery making and must by applied in a very precise way.  We either dip in a liquid glaze or apply the glaze by spraying, both are traditional methods with their own advantages and are chosen depending upon the shape of the piece being glazed.

G l a z e   F i r i n g

After the glaze has been applied the pottery is now ready for its final kiln firing at a much higher temperature. This is the last stage of pottery making which brings out the vibrant colours and creates the attractive gloss finish.  It takes 2 to 4 weeks from initial casting to the final glaze firing to create an individual piece of Echo of Deco pottery.

Echo of Deco
B r i t i s h   A r t   P o t t e r y
C e r t i f i c a t e    o f    A u t h e n t i c i t y

After the pottery has had its final firing it is fully inspected to make sure that it meets our standards for quality craftsmanship.

All our work comes with a signed date numbered certificate of authenticity which is your assurance that you have purchased a genuine piece of Echo of Deco British Art Pottery, which has been individually handmade and hand decorated by either Russell or Malcolm Akerman.

‘We hope that you enjoy our work as much as we have enjoyed creating it’.

Russell Akerman                  Malcolm Akerman