Welcome to the Echo of Deco web site. Echo of Deco Art Pottery is the name given to an expanding collection of individually handmade fine studio ceramics, inspired by the exciting geometric Art Deco Designs of the 1920’s & 30’s Jazz Age. Appreciated for its artistic quality and exciting originality of design, Echo of Deco Art Pottery elegantly brings to life the vibrancy of Art Deco design in a unique and inimitable way.
Echo of Deco is essentially a specialist contemporary studio creating individual pieces of Ceramic Art, aimed at the private collector. Echo of Deco was founded in 2004 by the father and son team, Malcolm and Russell Akerman. Their combined talents and natural aptitude for Art Deco design has created an inspired range of highly distinctive ceramics that are today collected all around the world. Every item is exclusively designed and hand made in studio and numbers only around 750 pieces made, in total, each year. All work is finished in Echo of Decos colourful hand-blended glazes, redolent of the Art Deco period.
Distinctive and instantly recognizable Echo of Deco Art Pottery shows an intuitive appreciation for shape and form, complemented by a creative and bold confidence in design. Held in high esteem by collectors from around the world, Echo of Deco is widely regarded as making some of the most innovative Art Deco inspired ceramics currently available today. Echo of Deco has also been featured in many leading magazines.
In addition to his Art Deco designs Russell Akerman is a well-known Studio Potter, with works in many Galleries and private collections worldwide.
For authenticity Echo of Deco Art Pottery bears the studio's distinctive
back stamp and is hand signed with the well-known monographs of Russell or Malcolm Akerman. All work now comes with a date numbered certificate.
Russell & Malcolm Akerman